Have you thought about how to speed up hair growth?

In men and women, hair loss and weakening occurs during aging. In addition, during a period of stress, the hair grows slower. In men, baldness usually starts between the twenties and thirtieth years of life, and in women a little later, usually in the menopause when there are hormonal changes in the body.

How to Speed up Hair Growth by Proper Diet?

Hair in a month in normal conditions grows about one centimeter, but it depends heavily on person to person. We fall hair every day but also it grows every day, hair is the right mirror of your health. So if you feel that hair falling off too much, contact your doctor for advice.

1. Keratin, lysine, and cystine

Keratin is the basis of the hair and except for fat and water, contains lysine and cystine. Lysine is the essential amino acid used by the body to restore tissue, to produce antibodies, hormones, enzymes and, energy. In the absence of lysine, the root of the hair is damaged and its strength is reduced. Cystine is an amino acid that works against aging. It releases sulfur and helps to eliminate toxins produced by tobacco smoke and free radicals. If there is no cysteine, the hair will become dry, weak and thin.


High importance when we want to accelerate hair growth is vitamins. Vitamins B, A and E are essential for faster hair growth. These vitamins can be obtained from castor oil or brewer’s yeast. You can use them by placing them on the root of your hair or drinking them in the morning before breakfast.

3. Minerals and Iron

For healthy hair, it is necessary: copper that will strengthen the hair, iron that will help to better blood circulation on the scalp, zinc, selenium, manganese, and magnesium. All these supplements can be obtained from your diet, but also from dietary supplements such as capsules and tablets.

Necessary Ingredients:

50 ml of castor oil
100 ml of panthenol
1 bottle of AD vitamin
750 ml nettle shampoo on a plant base
30 ml of nettle drops

In 750 ml of nettle shampoo, add all the ingredients: oils, panthenol, nettle drops, and AD drops. Mix strongly all ingredients together well. Use this shampoo for every hair wash and massage it well into the root of the hair.

Do not rinse immediately, allow the mixture to stay on the hair at least 5 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.

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