A mixture of garlic, lemon, and boiled water has proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels, reinforce the walls of the arteries and is a good cancer prevention.

The recipe for this incredible elixir is useful because it prevents atherosclerosis, general fatigue, controls increased blood fat, strengthens immunity, prevents and treats infections and colds, cleanses the liver and improves the function of liver enzymes, stops the movement of free radicals and many other diseases that are associated with problems heart and blood.

In this drink, because it contents the garlic, its strong smell and taste will be completely neutralized thanks to lemon and water!

The recipe is not expensive, and all ingredients we have at home.

A mixture of 3 simple elements will help you to treat arterial blockage and eliminate all deposits of fats in the blood. This beverage is made from garlic, lemon, and water.


It is necessary to separate the four cloves of garlic and peel them. Four lemons cut into slices, without removing the bark.

Put the lemon in boiled water and cook for ten minutes.

The lemon must be cold. When the lemon gets out and cools a little, it melts along with a white garlic.

This mixture is placed in a clean container and overflow with three liters of boiled water. The bowl was folded and left in the fridge for three days. After three days, the liquid is ready for use. As long as it is used, it is stored in the refrigerator.

How to use

How to use?Take a spoon-two of these liquids, before each meal, three times a day, on an empty stomach. The dose slowly increases until up to 50 milliliters of the beverage is taken before meals. This treatment should be repeated for 40 days and no more than once a year. After the treatment, the body will feel the improvement and will be more vital.

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