Women pay more attention to their hair. In case it becomes gray, they immediately want to cover it because they think it does not look good. Almost 75% of women today are afraid of hair. It’s a very expensive habit if you do it in a professional salon. The first gray hair usually appears from 34 to 50 years. Premature sowing can occur due to genetics, stress, poor nutrition, and smoking.

Unfortunately, dying of hair can be extremely dangerous because colors are rich in carcinogenic chemicals.

According to a study from Yale University, hair-dyeing women for years have an increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, e.g. lymphatic system cancer, which is very deadly.

Numerous men are also giving hair these days. According to a study conducted by the Xavier University, gradual hair colors, such as, for example, Greek formulas, are full of acetate, which researchers could not wash their hands! This is a cumulative chemical. If we are exposed to even the smallest levels, it can cause depression, muscle weakness, brain damage and cancer.

  • Natural alternatives

You can find natural hair dye products that are not toxic and are very safe. However, you do not remember smart marking in some colors. For example, Garnier sells avocados oil-rich hair with a healthy shine but still contains a variety of toxic chemicals that have not been written.

  • Try to use the right extracts of plants and herbs

Blond hair

List of plants: calendula, turmeric, chamomile, saffron, and mullein

Prepare a weekly rinse as tea with any of them. When washed with hair, it will have vibrant blue colors.

Take ¼ or ½ cups of any plant and cook it in 2 cups of water for half an hour.

After that, pour the tea and let it cool down.

Shampoo your hair while doing it regularly. Dry your hair a little using a towel.

Rinse it using tea, but make sure you catch rinsing so you can use it again.

The excess moisture should be drained. Let hair stay for 20 minutes. Then use clean water to remove it.

If possible for you, let your hair dry in the sun.

You can also use lemon fruits to brighten your hair.

Light brown hair

Light brown hair will receive golden tones using the root of the rhubarb.

Pour 4 tablespoons of carrot root and cover it with three glasses of warm water.
Leave to stay for 15 or 20 minutes.
Pour it over your hair to pre-shampoo.

Rinse it after a while and let it dry in direct sunlight.

Black / brown hair

Many people use henna products as a hair coloring method. Make sure to avoid henna if your hair is treated in color. It can take 6 weeks. Buy it from a health food store. It is a healthy way to dye to help you have thicker hair. If you use the only henna, it will give you an orange-red color, so try combining it with a plant that is “lighter” like chamomile, for example. People who have a light blue, gray or white hair should not use henna.
Combine between 2 and 4 hooks of henna in a non-metal bowl. If your hair is longer, you might want to use more.

The amount of boiling water you add should be sufficient to prepare a thick paste.

Put 1 tbsp henna and mix well.

Use rubber gloves for your hands and apply the lukewarm paste to clean your face.

Use a wider comb to fully apply hair to your hair.

Put it on and cover it with a plastic bag. Then, use an old towel that will wrap around your head.

Stay from half an hour to 2 hours.

Rinse your hair until the water becomes clear. Allow your hair to dry.

Remove the rest of the color from your hair or arm with lemon juice.

Potatoes can also rejuvenate hair color

Potato peels is your choice. People used it for centuries to dye fabrics.

You’ll have to:
6 potatoes
4 cups of hot water
Essential oil (optional)
Clean bowl
Mesh strainer
Preparation process:
Pour 4 cups of water.

Add the skin of 6 peeled potatoes to the water. Leave it in for 25 minutes. Remove it from the oven and allow it to stay for 15 minutes.

Wash well.

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