Last week, I was struggling with some kind of cold / sinus infection that took me more time to relax and take better care of myself. A few years ago, I got a sinus infection that just would not disappear, despite the fact that I tried a lot of natural remedies. I started worrying that I might have to go to the doctor with an antibiotic … so I began to explore home remedies for sinus infections.

When I want to learn how to fix something, I always start with the cause.

What causes sinus infections?

Sinus infections (also called sinusitis) occur when nasal pathways become blocked and filled with fluid, mucus and call. The most common causes are:

  • cold – when not treated, cold can turn into sinus infection when rooted in the sinuses.
  • Allergies – chronic nasal inflammation and the presence of mucus can also affect the infection and turn into sinusitis.
  • Physical abnormalities, such as a deviant septum, can cause the nasal passage to become inadequate.
  • chronic infection or the spread of fungi such as candida (yeast) or bacteria. Many pathogens can grow into sinuses.

Neti pot

The Neti Way serves two purposes. This can help to cleanse the sinusoid mucus, plus, it helps to wash the infection. I use the right salt with warm water. This can be very painful and I have not seen any additional benefits personally for salt water. I also used high-quality probiotics, because they can help fill the nasal cavity with good bacteria.

To use the net pot

Fill it with sterile water and a little salt (I use about 1/2 tsp.). I think that getting water is an only smidge warmer than body temperature.
Put the eyelids out of the pot on the nostrum you start, then press until it is sealed so that the water does not leak.
tilt your head over the sink and turn the net pot over to start pouring water through the nostrils. It travels through the nostrils and through the sinuses and then comes out of the other nostril. Sometimes heavy congestion will prevent water from flowing through it. If this is the case, you can try later.
I repeat the process on both sides.

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