Have you ever heard of the so-called “most successful pathogen in human history”? It is a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori). And there is nothing unusual or strange for a person who has it all life without being aware of it.

According to the CDC research, 66% of the world’s population is affected by this Helicobacter pylorus, which is shortly called H. pylori. In some countries statistics are even worse, 80% are adults and 10% have children in these countries. Whether you have this infection or not, you will not have any symptoms. But if this bacteria lives in your body, the risk of stomach cancer is elevated 6 times. In addition, H. pylori are sometimes the main cause of some more dangerous diseases such as gastritis and peptic ulcers. And this bacterium can not only cause the development of stomach ulcers, but it can also cause the formation of ulcers in the small intestine and your esophagus.

You probably already think how this bacterium is so common, yet again dangerous and harmful. There are many medical treatments against this bacteria, but each of them has its side effects, ups, and downs. Let’s take for example an antibiotic, they will destroy part of this bacterium, and some will remain, but good bacteria will also be destroyed in this process. But we are lucky because Mother Nature has given us natural remedies that can effectively treat and eliminate this bacterial infection!

What are H. pylori?

If you did not understand exactly what H. pylori is, then you should know that it is a bacteria with a spiral structure. It is the type of bacteria that is often called “bacteria of the ulcer” because it enhances the formation of cytotoxins (VacA, or vacuolating cytotoxin A), which is responsible for the deposition of the ulcer somewhere in our digestive tract. tract.

Where do this bacteria live in our body?

H. pylori usually find its home in a layer of mucous membrane, which protects and covers our tissues that coat our stomach. According to studies, 90% of duodenal ulcers (in the upper small intestine) and 80% of gastric ulcers (in our stomach) form H. pylori
According to the research, experts concluded that bacteria H. pylori are infectious, but it’s still a bit unclear how this bacterium is transmitted from one person to another. Because this bacteria flows inside the family, and mostly lives in many places or situations, and in some unhygienic conditions, all these facts point to the contagious nature of H. pylori.

9 Natural H. pylori treatments

If you are not willing to take these medical prescriptions then you can look at these natural ways to eliminate H. pylori. Therefore, we (the entire world population) need to find more natural ways to eliminate H. pylori, because this bacterium becomes more and more resistant to antibiotics and is unlikely to slow down.

Here is the list of the top 9 scientifically proven natural treatments that will help you to get rid of these infections forever:

  1. Black Seme (Nigella Sativa)
  2. Probiotics
  3. Green Tea
  4. Broccoli Sprouts
  5. Propolis
  6. Garlic
  7. Herbs

What to consume:

Berries, specifically raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and bilberry
Raw honey,
Wild-caught fish rich in omega 3-fat acids
Flax and chia seeds also rich in omega-3s

What to avoid:

Low-fiber grains
Carbonated beverages
Pickled foods
Spicy foods

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