If you thought the canola oil was one of the “good” oils, think again. Although marketing campaigns position him as healthy and popular because of the low cost, this is an oil that does not do well your body – since holistic health websites have been warning the readers for years. New research has now confirmed that the use of canola oil has a negative impact on brain health and more.

Loss of memory is not an inevitable and natural part of aging! There are some steps you can take now that can help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A diet plays a big role.

Scientists Elisabetta Lauretti and Domenico Pratico conducted an experiment in 2017, where they examined the effects of canola oil on mice to see what kind of impact it has on health, such as memory, because of the olive oil diet that is being applied in Mediterranean countries. They tested this theory by giving one canola to one of the mice, while the other group had a controlled diet. At the end of the study, Lauretti and Pratica concluded that the canola diet had a drastic effect on the rats in that it weakened their memories.

Why canola oil is not a healthy choice

The Mediterranean diet referred to in its research consisted of daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as the frequent use of olive oil. Health experts say that diet has shown a huge record of reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. It has been said that nutrition has improved cognitive functions in humans.
Non-Mediterranean countries were impressed by the results and wanted to promote this food but because olive oil is more expensive than other cooking ingredients, these countries have asked for canola oil to be considered a good substitute. However, since there was limited evidence suggesting health benefits arising from nutrition, Lauretti and Pratica concluded that feeding canola is not a viable substitute for the feeding of olive oil.
The main opinion of Lauretta and Pratica study is that one’s eating habits play an important role in overall behavior and function, and in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, one health care worker should pay attention. (It is also important to note that the study Lauretti and Pratico is incredible because it has not been tested on humans, as well as the fact that more research is needed.)

The truth about the “nutritional value” of canola oil

Although the verdict is still officially published on the link between the canola oil and the loss of memory, if you are still not sure about bringing the canola into your diet, here are some important information you need to know:

High processing kills the nutritive value

Canola oil, is extracted through bleaching and degreasing processes, including chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, as well as temperatures that are placed at questionable levels.

The Omega-3 Omega-6 ratio promotes chronic inflammation

The oil contains a mixture of omega 3 and omega 6. Omegas 3 are nutritional antidotes intended to aid the body from inflammation and other diseases, while Omegas 6 is fatty acids that cause inflammation. Proponents of potassium nutrition claim that Omega 3 is healthy for the body, but further research shows that Omega 6 and 3 imbalance can cause excessive inflammation that leads to the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer.

Diseases associated with canola oil -Problems in the kidneys and liver – 90% of the canola oil that is produced and extracted is genetically modified, and research from the Environmental Science journal shows that one of the main causes of kidney and liver problems is the consequence of a diet containing GMO foods.
Heart problems – Canola oil contains erucic acid and when consumed too much have a greater chance of suffering from heart problems such as Keshan’s disease and coronary heart disease.
Hyper-extension and Strokes-Studies have shown that taking each meal consisting of canola oil increases and allows the likelihood of suffering from a stroke earlier than expected. An Ottawa study in the Nutrition and Toxicology Department when experimenting with rats showed that rats fed with canola oil had died earlier, while rats not fed with canola oil had lived earlier.
Stops growth – Kids who are exposed to canola in a daily meal are likely to face growing difficulties due to erucic acid problems and they have stop growth.

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