Avocados are super-healthy green fruits that are full of vitamins, phytonutrients and they have benefit from the whole body. From hair to foot, avocado and their oil are useful, even seeds can be eaten. Did you know that?

You’re probably used to throwing large seeds to keep it as fresh as possible. But these seeds are very nutritious – in fact, the avocado seed has more antioxidants than fresh fruits.


Most people do not know that avocado seed has more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. More, even most of the teas. The seed gives you more soluble fiber than any other food!

Avocados are rich in antioxidant-rich foods that reduce high cholesterol and prevent stroke and heart disease.

Consuming avocado seeds is a great way to reduce inflammatory diseases in the body. In particular, the powerful benefits of avocado seeds affect the easing of the swelling in the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to helping the gastrointestinal tract, avocado seeds help to alleviate diarrhea and constipation naturally and efficiently.
Antioxidants known as phenolic compounds in avocado seeds make it useful for alleviating stomach ulcer. These compounds contain antibacterial and antiviral properties that make seeds effective in preventing ulcers along the digestive system.


Kills cancer cells

In the seeds, 70% of the antioxidants are found in avocados. The seeds contain flavonol, a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent and reduce tumor growth. A study in 2013, published in the Pharmaceutical Biology magazine, found that avocado extract from meat causes leukemia cells to self-destruct.

In a recent study published in Cancer Research, researchers found that the compound found in the avocado extract, called avocatin B, was effective against acute myeloid leukemia cells. In total, the researchers tested 800 natural health products against human acute myeloid leukemia cells.

Strengthens the immune system

The avocado seed contains procyanidins and catechins. They have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce stiffness, swelling, joint pain and disease.

Flavonol in avocado also enhances the immune system and helps protect against colds and flu.

Cure digestive problems

For Centuries, avocado seeds used in South America to treat gastrointestinal tract problems, including gastric ulcers, constipation, and diarrhea. Avocado seeds has anti-inflammatory property and contain more soluble fibers than most other foods on our planet!

Protects the health of the heart

Avocado is a great source of monounsaturated fats that are healthy for hearts, and thanks to their amino acid and dietary fiber content, seeds can help reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular problems such as plaque build-up, which can lead to stroke and heart attacks.
Dr. Tom Vu, who earned the World Famous Doctor Award for his discovery of diabetes and cancer, says he always eats seeds and recommends that patients with heart disease do the same.

“This soluble fiber binds to fat and excess cholesterol. Then we can reduce cholesterol and improve heart function naturally. Soluble fiber is difficult to obtain in our diet. Oatmeal has some, but can not be compared with avocado seed. “

Live longer, feel better

The seed does not only help you to look younger, but also to feel younger. Compounds in seeds of avocados have the ability to reduce bone disorders, joint discomfort, pain.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause disease and premature aging. Avocado and their seed actually slow down the aging process due to their ability to synthesize collagen.

Avocado seeds can lower blood glucose levels and help keep you healthy. Due to the high content of good fats, you will stay saturated longer, which means you will not eat snacks all day long.


So you are asking, “How can I get all these incredible benefits from this amazing seeds?” Of course, you can not just bite it, and it will not go through drinking juice, so how will you get the best of this seed?

Next time when you eat avocados, keep the seeds and wash well. Dry them with a paper napkin and place in a dehydrator or oven to bake it. Heat the oven to 250 ° C (120 ° C) and bake the seeds for 2 hours, until the outer skin of the seeds does not burst. Throw out the skin.

Seeds will now be sufficiently soft to use a knife to cut it into smaller pieces. Throw them in your mixer and mix them in the form of powder.

The powder can be used even in a wet form, or it is gently baked and stored on a dry (hold for longer).


There are many ways to use avocado powder. You just need to be creative.

Sprinkle powder into your juices, oat flakes, soups, salads, and almost all meals. Or simply put half a spoon of powder in a glass, pour hot water and make tea infusion. Leave steep about 10 minutes.

Powdered seeds of avocado are like your own super-healthy powder supplement. Next time when you eat avocados, remember to save your seeds!

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