At present, in modern society, when our food is regularly filled with antibiotics and hormones, it is no surprise to find fish with medicines inside them. However, the type of drug found in wild salmon caught near Seattle may be enough to surprise you.

According to a document published in the International Environmental Pollution magazine, salmon caught in the United States, near Seattle, contained traces of over 81 different types of drugs, including many illegal narcotics, stimulants, and other drugs.
Some of the most important drugs found in salmon tissue are cocaine, antidepressants, OkiContin, nicotine, and caffeine, Tylenol and Valium. Researchers believe this is the accumulation of medicines in salmon due to the discharge of wastes into the water.

This is not the first time that salmon contains traces of unpleasant and possibly harmful substances. In 2004 it was discovered that Atlantic salmon cultivated in Scotland has the highest level of chemicals that cause cancer in the world.
Salmon products were also withdrawn from the supermarket in 2008 due to concern that they were contaminated with diesel. Experts believed that this contamination with diesel was caused by vehicles transported by salmon to processing plants.

Despite the fact that this was not the first time that salmon caught in the wild with medicines found in them, according to researcher Jim Meador, researchers were surprised when they found such a high amount.
“Concentrations in the effluent (outflow of water) were more than we expected. We analyzed the samples for 150 compounds and we had 61 percent of the effluent detected. So we know that they go into the mouth, says Meador.

Although Meador does not believe that fish contaminated with these drugs are not a threat to human health, he still believes there should be some concern in response to this information.

“You have to ask yourself what they do to the fish,” he says.

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