Although conventional medicine claims to conquer a cancer war, along with the holistic health community, we at Natural News are constantly trying to discover one of the greatest scammers known in human history: CHEMOTHERAPY.

Stricken by drugs, oncologists and the mainstream media, most cancer patients consider their only hope to survive chemotherapy. In America, cancer treatment is a GREAT job. Since the cancer industry earns billions of dollars each year, the drug is not what they are looking for.

The number one side effect of chemotherapy is cancer.Did you know?

Conventional cancer treatments are not only decaying but also designed so that patients suffering from cancer. Although chemotherapy can reduce the initial tumor (s), what’s happening in the background is far more important. It’s a dark and criminal truth that nobody knows.

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine earlier this month proved what we have been saying for decades; Conventional cancer treatment causes more cancer. A team of scientists at the medical faculty Albert Einstein in New York found convincing evidence that chemotherapy is only a short-term solution.

In the end, the drugs will make you sick again, pushing patients into another round of expensive treatments. A smart money-generating trick: Instead of helping patients get rid of the disease, they temporarily put it on hold so they can take dollars two times.

Chemotherapy kills more patients than cancer itself

It is expected that 1,688,780 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2017, and about 600,920 people will die from the disease in the United States, according to the annual report of the American Cancer Society.

New York scientists have explained that, while reducing the tumor, chemotherapy at the same time opens a new door to spread the tumor into the bloodstream, causing aggressive tumors that often lead to death.

Researchers believe that toxic chemotherapy passes to repair mechanisms in the body that allow for faster tumor growth. In addition, Dr. George Karagiannis, the lead author of the study, and his team found that two common chemotherapy increased the number of “gates” on the blood vessels, which allowed the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body. The team also discovered that chemotherapy increases the number of cancer cells that circulate the body and lungs of mice.

Although this study only looked at the effects of chemotherapy on breast cancer, researchers are currently experimenting with other types of cancer to determine if similar effects occur, Telegraph reported.

Dr. Karagiannis noted that women who receive preoperative chemotherapy for the treatment of breast cancer should be monitored to ensure that the cancer does not circulate or generate more possibilities for spreading. It recommends taking a small amount of tumor tissue after several doses of preoperative chemotherapy. If markers increase, therapy should be discontinued immediately.

This study is not the first to show the ways in which chemotherapy can cause secondary or metastatic cancer. Researchers from the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) in 2010 received an $ 805,000 grant from a research program for breast cancer research at the US Department of Defense to investigate whether food will be encouraging food to spread cancer throughout the body.

Many studies later can no longer ignore the answer to this question. YES, patients die of chemotherapy, not cancer. It has been shown not only to cause secondary cancer but also accelerate tumor growth and causes cancer cells to become resistant to treatment.

Seventy-five percent of doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves or their families.
What is this issue about the effectiveness and risks of treatment? Do these people know more? And what is covered by the mainstream media?

Due to the devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and extremely low rates of success, three out of four doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy, according to surveys conducted by the McGill Cancer Center. In addition, it is estimated that 97% of cancer is not responding to chemotherapy, but treatment for almost every type of cancer remains.

Think about that. When your body fights cancer, the last thing it needs to do is to cause cancer-causing immunological chemicals, right? Although all scientists and doctors know that chemotherapy is a clean poison and things can aggravate things, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) forbids doctors to choose non-chemical pathways, such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, superfoods and other natural remedies for cancer, for their patients.

Over the past few years, a study has begun for another, which connects chemotherapy with cancer. However, the authorities fail to make a healthy call. How much more evidence is needed before they begin to admit that there are far better, cheaper real drugs?

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