(Natural News) Olives are much more than a tasty side dish for enjoying an appetizer. They are ideal for adding in meals such as salads. In fact, studies have found that olives have ingredients that help fight cancer, especially colon and breast.
A study from the University of Barcelona found that olive contains olive oil, which is known to destroy cancer cells and drastically slow down the growth of colon cancer cells. Impressive, the concentration of olive oil in olive skin can be 80%.

The second study, carried out jointly by researchers at the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Girona and at the University of Granada, found that phenols in extra virgin olive oil play a role in the death of breast cancer cells, a process called apoptosis.

It is no wonder that olives are first on a list of George Mateljan Foundation for the best foods in the world due to their ability to fight cancer, among other things. In the description on their website, it is stated that “antioxidant phytosterols in olives can have the specific ability to protect DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) – the key chemical component of the genetic material in our cells – from oxygen defects.”

Olives fight high cholesterol, inflammations

In addition to fighting against cancer cells, olives can also be used in other ways. Black olives, for example, have a high content of vitamin E, which is vital for the function of the brain, lungs and blood cells. According to the National Institute of Health, the consumption of foods such as olives that have high unsaturated, healthy fat content help boost vitamin E absorption.

Olives are also a way for heart health, as well as to keep inflammation. Their monounsaturated fats play a role in regulating cholesterol levels, lowering the bad (LDL) and raising good (HDL) levels. According to the Arthritis Foundation, studies have shown a correlation between olive oil and inflammation; compounds in olive oil can stop the production of inflammation in a manner similar to NSAIDs.

This is good news, especially since there are many harmful health effects that can be the result of taking NSAIDs. Mayo Clinic says some problems that may arise when taking NSAIDs have been – inflamed by mouth, night blindness, and severe pain. A natural, healthy option such as the consumption of olives and the use of extra virgin olive oil is a much better alternative to maintaining health at the top.

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