Remember how Rick Simpson went in his Canadian city, Nova Scotia, trying to bring cannabis oil that he and others used to treat various cancers?

Rick assumed that the world was ready to share good news from the experiences of his and his fellow citizens. After several attempts, he tried cannabis oil to be allowed through a court system with numerous testimonials of those to whom it helped, Rick realized this important cruel reality:

The cancer industry does not want a cure for cancer.

He cultivated hemp in his own country, made cannabis oil, and shared it at no cost to those who needed it after he cured his skin cancer and a severe intensive neurological disorder after a brain hemorrhage from a head injury. Citizens are cured of several disorders, including lung cancer.

Rick moved away from Canada and flew to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now he is visiting the world by spreading the miracles of cannabis healing to all whom who are willing to listen. Below you can see his entire documentary film.

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