Plants help purify the air. But some do their work better than others. If you are busy, keeping your home away from bacteria and dust can be demanding.

That’s why you can count on these incredible plants. They can do the job for you!

Plants that efficiently purify the air

Aloe Vera – One of the most popular plants, there is nothing that Aloe Vera can not do. As one of its powers, this plant that contains infusion can clean the air at home. In fact, Aloe Vera is known to be exceptional in raising oxygen levels indoors and therefore attracts more carbon dioxide and monoxide. To properly grow, Aloe Vera should be light and humid, but not wet. Since it keeps the fluid incredible, it does not require regular watering.

Peace Lily – Want to clean the air you breathe from formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichlorethylene and ammonia by getting a plant of fragrance. To grow, this plant needs a lot of shade and watering once a week. Cats love this plant, and keep them away to protect it.

Spider plant -This plant is an excellent air purifier and can eliminate toxins such as gasoline, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. The plant is easy to grow.

Estragon – Estragon is incredible for cleaning the air and it’s easy to maintain it in your life. He needs little light and regular watering – besides, you can enjoy his benefits!

English ivy – English ivy is so powerful in air purification that it eliminates 60% of toxins and 58% of fecal particles from the room. Do you know what’s better? Plants only need 6 hours to give you these amazing results. To stay vital, keep English ivy in the sun for 6 hours a day. Also, keep the kittens far away, because they can hurt a healthy plant.

Chrysanthemum – This incredible plant removes benzene and 90% formaldehyde from the air in just one day. Wow, right? This delicate but powerful flower plant enjoys direct sunlight.

Golden pothos – As one of the most successful natural air cleaners, Golden Pothos also has great longevity. These plants can live under the most severe conditions and will further eliminate toxins such as benzene and trichloroethylene. However, the plant loves the sunlight and you need to place it next to the window.

According to NASA, an area of 500 square meters can be purged from 15-18 of these plants. The above list is a natural way to enjoy a better mood in your home, with excellent air quality. Treat yourself to a treat and allow these extraordinary plants to enrich your life with the benefits of air purification!

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