More great news from the world of cancer research. Our friends. The Eden Prescription have brought to our attention! In a new study (October 2013) published in the journal Biotechnology Letters, the researchers found that Lectin, a newly discovered ingredient in the okra(Abelmoschus esculentus), causes apoptosis (cell death) in human breast cancer cells in vitro.

The term “In vitro” means in the Petri dish (literally “in a glass bowl”).
The scientific work abstract claims that the antitumor effects of the okra are selective – which means that healthy cells are not killed. This selectivity indicates the potential for the development of an anticancer agent. There are many substances that will kill all cells – carcinogenic or not – but this is irrelevant: The ““holy grail” of this kind of research is to find agents that are potent against cancer cells, ln same time they leave healthy cells

Keep in mind that this report does not mean that the okra is now considered proven anti-cancer medicine.

The fact that a okra kills some cancer cells selectively in a petri dish does not necessarily have to cure your cancer. Also, we certainly do not want to advise people to ignore the expert advice of their doctor / oncologist on this issue.

This will require much more testing – starting with further in vitro studies to better understand the mechanism of action of lectins against these cancer cells, then in vivo studies (“in living beings”) and then studying humans.

Even those of us who do not have cancer have some cancer cells in our bodies all the time and we quote Paul Stamets: “Cancer is a game of numbers.”

Our body has a natural defense against cancer cells as part of the immune system, however, it is sensible that the immune system needs all the help it can get, so it does not become overloaded, which leads to illness.

So, it is possible that the okra, along with many other fruits and vegetables, has a role in the prevention of cancer. Unless it is determined by more positive researches, it would seem useful to take such healthy things into nutrition. You will probably also get the best nutritional benefits if you consume raw food or with minimal cooking.

Okra and Diabetes

Okra is also popular with people with type 2 diabetes and there are great claims for its effectiveness in this regard. The way it is used is wash it, then cut the tops and bottom of the 3 or 4 okra, sink them in a glass of water overnight, and then drink the water immediately in the morning.

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