The Buddha taught his followers about rebirth or reincarnation – the belief that the soul multiplies into new bodies or new forms of life, traveling on the eternal journey to serve karma from previous lives, and ultimately to attain the state of perfect enlightenment when additional human life is no longer necessary. Those who believe in reincarnation understand it as a process of maturation of mental energy.

Here are 10 signs that your soul is reincarnated many times!

1.You have recurring dreams
Dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind. Repeated dreams can be a reflection of past life experiences. Many people claim to have experienced certain events, see certain people, or go to other places in dreams that are extremely familiar and recognizable.

2.You Have Odd Memories
External memories can be the result of fantasies, but they can be proof of past life. Remembering something in detail that never happened to you in your present life can be a memory of past life.

3.You Have Deja Vu
Deja Vu happens to most people at some point, but recurring experience can be a sign of previous reincarnation. Scents, sounds, scenes and tastes may look very familiar and cause flashbacks to another place and time.

4.You Are An Empath
Empaths absorb the feelings of others. They are extremely adapted to emotions. Being empathetic can be a sign that your soul has gone through many previous reincarnations, and you have experienced so many emotions that you are now extremely sensitive to them.

5.You Have Precognition
Recognition is a future vision or other vision. It is the ability to get information about events that will happen in the future. It can be experienced through physical sensations ,visions, and dreams.

6.You Have Retro cognition
Retro cognition is the ability to get information about past events that are not available. These past events can be from your life, or somewhere in the distant past. Retro cognition is difficult to prove. For those who have experienced it, retro cognition could be a sign of mental reincarnation.

7.You have an old soul
The feeling of older than your age can be a sign of reincarnation. You have transferred the knowledge and experience from your past lives that remained with you and reflected in your present life.

8.You have strong intuitions
Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, and deeper imprinting in the original wisdom and innate knowledge. Those with strong intuitions can be mature in the soul – evidence of many living things.

9.You Enjoy Other Cultures or Times
Having a great, Unexplainable attraction for a particular culture or a period of time from the past can be a sign of recalling your past life. Your soul may still be longing for the past environment.

10.You have unexplained fears
Certain memories or experiences in past lives can leave a trace. Some believe that those who are reincarnated may still be able to experience the echo of past trauma through unexplained fears and phobias.

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