The lymphatic system is not well known, but it is the critical part of the body – have twice as much lymphatic blood flow! It is a network of tissues and organs that liberate the body from toxins, wastes and other unwanted materials;

It’s part of your natural wastewater treatment system. The primary function of the lymphatic system is the transport of lymphatic fluid. Lymph is a liquid that contains white blood cells that help fight infection throughout the body. So, a healthy lymphatic system is the key to a healthy body.

Below are the usual congested symptoms of the lymphatic system (John Douillard):

  • Pain and stiffness in the morning
  • Rings get tight on fingers
  • Bloating
  • Feeling tired
  • Itchy skin
  • Swollen glands
  • Weight gain and extra belly fat
  • Low immunity
  • Brain fog
  • Breast swelling or pain in each cycle
  • Mild rashes or acne
  • Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Mild headache
  • Increased histamine and irritation due to common allergens in the environment
  • Occasional constipation, diarrhea and / or mucus in the stool

Although there are many reasons why the lymphatic system and lymph nodes may become congested, they can evolve to three main causes.

1.Stress is identified as the cause of about 80% of all chronic health problems. Stress chemistry is a degenerative and lymphatic congestion.

2. Imbalances of the digestive system can irritate the intestinal lining, which is a classic reason for lymphatic congestion. Most lymphs in the body surround the gut (Gut Associated Limphatic Tissues – GALT).

3.The lack of iodine is also a common cause of lymphatic congestion. Iodine helps to mitigate the effects of the toxic environment and supports the lymphatic system at the cell level.

How to improve lymph health

1.Exercise: The best way for the lymphatic system to move is exercise.Do it 10-20 minutes a day.

2.Infrared saunas: Sauna therapy allows the body to sweat while in the parasympathetic nervous system, so that the toxins sweated out. The circulation / release of toxins, tissue regeneration and heat work together to improve lymph flow.

3.Yin Yoga: Yin and Yoga demands positions that take place from 3 to 10 minutes. The change in gravity is experienced in these poses and differences in pressure help to improve lymph flow.

4.Walking: It is important that the body is started and lungs function. Walking is something that anyone can do outside or at home. Just take a break and walk. Breathe as deep as you walk.

5.Legs on the Wall: That’s right.

6.Lymphatic Drainage Massage

7.Standing Desk: Sitting all day is not good for the flow of lymphatic fluid. Standing facilitates movement and allows for more natural movement during the day.

8.Showers for hydrotherapy: Showers for hydrotherapy ,alternatively hot and cold water is used. At the end of the shower, only a few times transfer the water from the hot in the cold.

9.Brush dry skin: Only brushing the skin with a natural brush improves the lymph flow.

10.Deep breathing: Deep breathing promotes lymph flow. Your lungs pump your lymphatic fluid. Budwig Center has a great breathing exercise that everyone needs to follow.

11.Eat healthy and drink water: Dehydration is the leading cause of lymph system congestion. Drink plenty of water. It is also important to remove processed foods from your diet so that more toxins are omitted. Eat hot drinks and soups during the winter and cool food during the flight. Also, try to eat raw fruit on an empty stomach.

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