According to statistics from 2012, more than 14 million new cases of cancer have been detected in one year. More than 8 million died of cancer.

This makes cancer one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

What is more disturbing is the fact that the number of new cases will increase by 70% over the next two decades. So, the cancer does not show signs of slowing down.

Cancer is very different from most physical disorders, as well as its treatment. Modern medicine uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer.

All three have their own limitations and benefits.

Nowadays, alternative ways of treating cancer are studied in detail.One of a very promising ingredient is curcumin-active ingredient of turmeric.

Numerous studies on animals and humans have shown the positive effects of turmeric on various types of cancer, and scientists believe that this is a major addition to traditional cancer treatment methods.

But how many turmeric must to take?

There are many discussions about this. We are trying to answer this question here.

Dose of Curcumin for Cancer: A science-based plan

Dr. Bharat B Aggarval is a pioneer in curcumin research as an alternative treatment for various body disorders, including cancer.

Dr. Aggarval has published more than 600 scientific papers; Many of them are about turmeric / curcumin for the human body.
We talked to him about the dosage of curcumin for people suffering from cancer and he suggested the following 8 week regime:

Curcumin for cancer: 8 weekly regimen

Week 1: Start with a small dose of 1 g of turmeric per day. If you do not see the side effects, take it for a week and continue to dosage from Week 2:

Week 2 : Increase the dose of turmeric to 2 g / day. Check again if there are any side effects, etc. If everything looks good, take it for a week and continue dosing from 3rd week.

Week 3: : Re-double the dose to 4 g / day. Again, if things look good, continue for a week and go to the last step.

Week 4-8: Double again up to 8 g / day. Continue this for 5 weeks
I know there will be many questions about this and I tried to answer them below

Q. Is not that so bad?
It is known that turmeric in high doses causes problems if it is taken for a long time.

Studies have shown that the curcumin dose of 12 grams per day is safe for up to 3 months.

It is therefore unlikely to cause any serious problems.

Q. Why do I need so much, in normal cases, I take only 1 teaspoon of turmeric?
Cancer is an aggressive disorder and a quick action is needed to low its progression.

Because of this, large doses are required here.

Q: What if I do not notice any benefit even after 8 weeks?
According to Dr. Aggarwal , if there is no improvement, even after 8 weeks, curcumin can’t help you.

Q. Can I get so much curcumin by taking a powder of turmeric?
You can not.

It is very difficult to get this amount of turmeric by taking turmeric powder, given that the typical powder has only 3-4% turmeric.

To get as much as 1 g of turmeric you must take 25-30 grams of turmeric powder . In the case of 8 gm, you must take 200 grams of turmeric powder per day, which is not possible.

So, you have to use a trusted brand of curcumin supplements here. Cancer research tests also used curcumin additives for their research.

Q. How do I get curcumin?
Curcumin powder can be taken together with milk, liquids, etc.

Take them with fats and black pepper for best results as it improves its bioavailability.

Another way is to take curcumin supplements that already have ingredients that stimulate absorption. Most supplements already have piperines or other compounds to improve their bioavailability.

If not, then you can take the capsules immediately after taking the fat such as coconut oil / olive oil mixed with ground black pepper.

Nanocurcumin is also becoming a popular choice, but it seems to be in the initial phase.

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