Cancer is a complex and hard-to-understand medical illness. We still have very few answers. However, recently, cannabis studies around the world have shown how much therapeutic benefits of cannabis can be given to cancer patients, especially in relation to conventional cancer treatment.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for Different Types of Cancer

1.ACDC Marijuana Strain.

ACDC is a very promising strain of cannabis, genetically classified as a hybrid. It contains massive amounts of the CBD itself. This cannabis strain allows patients to enjoy the healing benefits of CBD, which are unbelievable for pain disturbances, especially a type that can be felt in cancer patients after completing severe and fatigue chemotherapy treatments. In addition to the incredibly prominent content of the CBD, its content of THC is quite low, which ensures that there will be few psychoactive or “similar” effects. Instead, this marijuana strain is almost entirely focused on helping and treating the symptoms of patients who undergo serious conventional medical procedures, or those suffering from severe medical illness or condition.

Tipical Cannabinoid Profile | CBD: 15-25%; THC: 0.5-1.3%.

How can this type of cannabis help with cancer.
Pain relief due to the negative effects of systemic treatment in cancer patients.

2.Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Northern lights is indica the dominant type of cannabis, grown from pure races of Afghan Indian and Thai sativa. This untamed and popular marijuana strain, although very high in THC and quite low in CBD, offers relief at the second level. Because of its classic Indian tendencies, Northern Lights offers enormous relief from nausea for those who suffer from this unpleasant feeling on a regular basis. Those who have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer often experience a huge amount of nausea as an adverse effect of medical treatment, so consuming Northern Lights Cannabis in the form of cannabis can help alleviate these disorders.

Typical cannabinoid profile CBD: unknown, but not high; THC: 16-21%.

How can this type of cannabis help with cancer.
Relief of nausea in patients who have recently undergone chemotherapy or radiation.

3.Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

Relaxing and calming marijuana indica that brings tiredness and pure serenity. Granddaddy Purple Cannabis allows you to fall asleep fast. For those who suffer from loss of appetite and are concerned about extreme weight loss, Granddaddy Purple Cannabis serves as a typical cannabis strain to maintain appetite levels, especially after they have lose weight due to any form of cancer treatment.

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis genetically crossed between Big Bud (indica) and Purple Urkle (indica) cannabis strains, making its strong domination quite prominent. This class of cannabis strains is known for making you hungry,followed by falling fast asleep; all plus if you are recovering from cancer treatment.

Tipical Cannabinoid Profile | CBD: 0.1%; THC: 17-23%.

How can this type of cannabis help with cancer
It returns appetite to those who have suffered loss of appetite as a result of cancer treatment, or even extreme weight loss associated with decreased appetite.

4.Chocolope Cannabis Strain

Chocolope is an energizing and exciting sativa cannabis that is capable of awakening even the most fatigued of individuals. If you suffer from constant fatigue, especially as a negative side effect of some form of conventional cancer treatment, Chocolope is exactly what you need.

Raised with the combination of Cannalope Haze (sativa) and Chocolate Thai (sativa), this dual sativa guarantees pure genetics within Chocolope. Many claim to experience a complete euphoria mood , which keeps the smile on the face and overall positive attitude.

Tipical Cannabinoid Profile | CBD: unknown, but low; THC: 18-22%.

How can this type of cannabis help with cancer.
It reduces fatigue in cancer patients,who desire more energy and liveliness in their lives.

5.Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain

The extremely low cannabis strain of THC sativa, which has received recognition in the marijuana medical community, due to its ability to help a wide range of serious medical conditions, due to its enormous CBD content, with little or no psychoactive or typical “high” feelings (after all, This is the absence of THC.Charlotte’s Web Cannabis can bring peace and calm down a large number of symptoms, including pain and inflammation.

Tipical Cannabinoid Profile | CBD: 20%; THC: 0.3% -1%.

How can this type of cannabis help with cancer.
Extremely high in CBD content, it alleviates the attack of various cancer symptoms, with little or no psychoactive effects and all healing powers of the CBD.

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