Sleep is a necessary thing. Everyone knows that. Not only need you for basic survival, but your sleep patterns also tell a lot about your mental health.
The mattress industry knows this for sure.They sold a lot of different types of mattress. Comfortable. Uncomfortable.

But let’s say you want to dramatically improve your dream without spending of new mattresses.

Better sleep is possible with simple changes in your sleeping position.

However, what is the best position? Sleeping on the left side is the way to go – One theory says.


The dominant lymphatic side is the left side of the body. Your lymphatic system helps to remove toxins and waste from your body. It could be said that this is very important.

If you sleep on the left side, you may find that your body becomes more effective in removing waste and toxins from your body, as well as alleviating acid reflux , as reported in Medical Daily.

One of my colleagues realized that when she was pregnant. If she slept on the right, she would get a terrible heartburn and could not sleep. However, when she was sleeping on the left side, there was no heartburn. This has to do with the stomach position. The stomach is on the left side of the body, so sleeping on this side helps gravity to keep the juices in the stomach in place. Less heartburn.

However, if you’ve been sleeping on one side of the body for years, how are you changing it?

It is a good idea to set up a pillow at the back of body, which will support you and prevent you from returning to the dominant position.

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