Cancer is a wicked disease that does not choose between rich and poor, known and anonymous, does not even choose a sex, nor an age. Cancer is sudden and with fatal outcome in the majority of cases. Doctors and scientists around the globe are trying to find cure about this terrible disease, and when everyone thinks they’re on the right track, something happens that proves that this is not the right solution …
Gorgojo bugs, as well as their treatment (Coleoterapia), do not have approval from the Ministry of Health. Coleoteropia is an alternative treatment for the alleged cancer treatment.

A wide range of diseases in which the therapy gives signs of progress and relief. It is believed to cure cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, asthma and other diseases.

Using this therapy improves the patient’s quality of life, relieves pain after just 10 days of consumption, stimulates the immune system.

“Gorgojo” Bugs are consumes exclusively live, they swallowing with water, after which they shoot in the stomach and release “colloxin”. Amino acid is deadly for these bugs and they shoot in the stomach and then their medicinal effect begins.


According to the people who have had experience with this treatment, it is believed to have a stronger effect than morphine.

Way of use:

The treatment involves everyday consumption, in the following way:
1st day-1bug
2nd day-2 bugs
3rd day-3 bugs
70.dan-70 bugs

Then back bugs
68.day68 bugs bugs
… ..
1st day-1bug

Depending on the degree of the disease it is possible to start treatment with 10, 20 or 30 bugs and add one each on the next day.

How keep these bugs?

The bugs should be kept in a glass bowl like a jar that must be covered with a thin net so that they can breathe.


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