Natural melem is a salvation for many health problems, and you can easily do it yourself! This miraculous Russian melem is very harmless and can not harm you!

It’s necessary:

– 1 egg (boiled)
– 400 ml of vegetable oil (olive or any other you have)
– 60 gr of bee wax (must be natural)


Put the oil in the pot, and dip the wax on it in a light fire. When you hear cracking, insert the yolk into the oil with the wax. Be prepared to quickly remove the dish from the fire.

When the oil gets are cold restore it to the fire and continue with the stirring constantly, add the yolks. The mixture must change color and become dark brown. Then remove it from the fire and let it stand for 20 minutes. Procedures through the gauze. When the grease is cool, place it in a glass jar, and it can stand for up to ten months in the refrigerator.


If you use a melem for sinus inflammation it is necessary to soak it and tap into the nose, and it will effectively break through the sinuses and pull the pus onto you. If you have problems with bronchitis or ulcers, consume half a tablespoon of fat three times a day before each meal.

In case of burns, toothache, swelling or wounds, apply it in a painful place. You can strengthen your nails and treat hemorrhoids.

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