Petroleum – cure against cancer which the only disadvantage is that it’s cheap”,

“Pharmacy does not want you to know”,

“Leave the doctors in shock: a severe form of lung cancer healed”,

“They go to Albania for miraculous petroleum-they believe they are treating cancer “
Are just some of the many bombastic, journalistic titles of the story about this miraculous remedy.

We have to bear in mind that the Petroleum from Kruja (Fushë-Krujë) is not the “gas”
used in lamps and lighters for lighting but a natural source of water in the village of Borizanë,
in which in the still unpainted percentage is found natural petroleum.
The first data on the treatment of natural petroleum, which she talked about publicly, was the Austrian doctor Paula Ganer from the Jakob Clinic in Mainland, which was itself a cancer patient. She drank petroleum and won this wicked disease.

The media who are writing about this alternative cancer treatment with Albanic petroleum, point out that dr. Ganer, after her healing, “devoted her life to the study of cancer patients, and in her study, she stated that” who drinks twelve days 1 tablespoon of pure petroleum in a year, will never have cancer or leukemia. ”

Austrian doctor Ganer published many scientific papers about this miraculous remedy, and she put her research on the Internet even before she published the book.
She left a therapy that “a person can be totally healthy if used once a week 15 drops of petroleum with 1 sugar cube. If there is a severe illness then take 12 days one sugar cube with 15 drops of petroleum, then 12 days a teaspoon with 1 sugar cube, and the next 12 days one soupspoon of petroleum with 1 sugar cube. ”
According to the previous findings from Dr. Ganer, petroleum treats: cancer, tumor, stomach ulcer, lungs, stronger heart, cleans blood (inserts directly into the blood), heals the liver, stomach, kidneys, cleanses the veins (increases circulation), regulates pressure, cleans the capillaries in the brain, treats diabetes, sinuses, ossification, urinary tract, helps with weight loss and other illnesses.

Pure petroleum from Kruja is white, pitiful, with a mild odor of petroleum and if a flame is brought. In the trough, or in the bottle does not burn, which is evidence that it has in the water in small quantities. It is tempted to be kept in dark glass bottles and out of reach of the sun, so in the dark and in a cool place.

According to all of the exposed “petroleum from Borizanë, there is still a taboo theme about the healing properties of petroleum and its use.
There is no significant scientific research. “The only shortage of petroleum from Kruje is that it’s cheap,” many researchers say. But if we think carefully and follow our logic, we need to ask: “Why are chemotherapy products made from petroleum products?”

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