It is said that cancer is an incurable disease and chemotherapy is an only drug, but this method will destroy you more than the disease.
However, people around the world are able to cope with cancer without any major problems, using natural and natural remedies.

Some healed with carrots, cannabis, turmeric, and a baking soda, and the latest solution is honey.

Ante-Krešic from Zagreb was diagnosed 13 years ago with a very difficult form of cancer – lung cancer and told him that he would not live for much longer. However, with the help of honey and medicinal herbs, Krešic completely cured cancer, and today he is completely healthy and deals with beekeeping.

He was discharged from the hospital in April, and by the year he fully recovered. When he went to Zagreb after a few months, doctors could not believe he was still alive.

They told him to continue with his therapies, and his blood picture was very well, soon seemed as if he had no health problems at all.

Healthy and full of power, Krešic shares his experiences with people from all over the world, considering it to be his human duty.

Honey has been known in folk medicine for centuries, and thanks to its composition, is regarded as a sacred food and one of the most important natural remedies.

In the Tutankhamun’s tomb, hens with edible honey were found that were over 3,000 years old. Greeks and Romans used it during the wars to strengthen the body and heal wounds. Nevertheless, it was only a long time in history that it was used by those from a rich layer of society because it was very expensive.

Krešic is not the only one who testified that this golden dense liquid can cure cancer completely if it combines with spices like pine needles, ginger or other plants. One Bosanka cured cancer with honey and ginger and published her recipe in the hope of helping someone else.
She had cancer of the endocrine glands and doctors kept her on the apparatus for 20 days. She began to use the recipe and after only a few days she recovered completely without the use of chemo, surgery or any other medication.


2 large ginger
1/2 raw honey
Chopped ginger and mix well with honey. This mixture put into a jar and consume 1 tbsp, 3-4 times per day. It is important to use plastic tbsp. The results will be visible after 4 days.

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