A deadly illness, which does not show symptoms in the early stages, will appear to be the third most common form of cancer in Europe after breast cancer.

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer are:

1. Eyes and skin are yellow

Yellow eyes and skin may indicate a number of health problems, one of which is pancreatic cancer. No matter the cause, you should never ignore this symptom.

2. Balance

Inflation after a large meal is normal, but it should not last for days. This is one of the first symptoms that women notice, but they do not turn to the doctor because they think it’s not a big problem.

3. Loss of appetite

A tumor in the abdomen may push nearby organs, including the stomach, and that’s why a person can feel like a sieve, without having eaten anything for hours. Consuming food can even be painful.

4. Losing kilograms

Previous symptoms can lead to rapid weight loss. Whenever this happens inexplicable, it’s important to contact a doctor.

5. Pain in the cross

And this problem is caused by the growth of a tumor that exerts pressure on the back and back muscles. If the pain is constant, it does not disappear after the cycle, or it is not a spinal problem, it can point to the pancreas.

6. Darker urine

The dark color of the urine is a sign of dehydration, but it may also suggest a pancreas. The tumor causes less secretion of the bile, which affects the increased bilirubin in the blood and on the brown color of the urine. Even if it does not lighten the urine even after a large water intake, it is time to review.

7. Scarring

The increase in bilirubin in the skin may increase the feeling of itching even before the skin gets hot.

8. An unusual poop

If your poop is light, greyish or greasy, the cause may be a pancreas. If there is not enough bile, because the tumor is blocked, the bilirubin that gives the poop a distinctive brown color remains in your system instead of going through the chair.

9. Pain in the stomach

Pain in the stomach can act harmlessly and something that does not go to the doctor, but it can also be the symptom of a pancreatic disease. It is located behind the stomach, and tumors can press it and cause pain.

10. A sense of murder

Once the symptoms are obvious, cancer is already at a later stage. And it is important to pay attention to more indeterminate symptoms, such as a general feeling of fatigue and illness lasting more than a week or two.

11.Many years of problems with diabetes

12.High temperature

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