Today, it is generally known that cancer occurs when some cells in the body, which until then have been doing quite normally, start suddenly unstoppable to multiply. As a causative agent, a virus is reported, various carcinogenic elements or some external trauma.
It is also known that cancer is a disease of a civilized man and is activated by numerous stresses and toxic substances, without which modern life has become impossible. Cosmetics, artificial preservatives, contaminated water, tobacco smoke, industrial tea …
It is also evident that there are many cases when there is a withdrawal of a malignant disease. Almost all the experiences of those who have applied some alternative therapies in treatment, and which proved to be successful, reveal a change in diet.
According to Dr. Krebs, cancer is a complex chronic disorder of metabolism in the whole organism. It is a disease that involves the whole body, although it first appears only in some part of the body, that is, an organ.

Because of this manifestation of the disease, it is often approached by the surgical removal of visible diseased tissue, by the radiation of surrounding cells at the site of cancerous cell growth, chemotherapy … This is actually treated as a result of the disease, while the cause persists.

Even 200 billion dollars a year in the world is spent on research on cancer, treatment with cytostatics and other expensive medications, radiation, surgical treatments, etc. The American Cancer Society is the richest non-profit organization in the world.

An impossibility to patent the chemical composition of Laetrile, as Krebs called the isolated B17, because it is everywhere in nature, and inexpensive, multinational pharmaceutical companies, scared for their profits from the treatment of cytostatics and radiation, have launched a fierce campaign against this vitamins.

That’s why the publication of the theory about vitamin B17 immediately came to fierce controversy in the United States, which Edward Griffin wrote in his book “The World Without Cancer”, in the seventies of the last century.

Leaders in this were major pharmaceutical companies, through the US government, corrupted doctors, and biochemists who, in spite of any ethics, tried to show Laetril (vitamin B17) as highly poisonous and dangerous. A fierce media campaign has been launched in which the claim that Laetrile contains a cyanide poison.

At the forefront of the entire campaign is the US FDA.

The whole procedure for a pharmaceutical company would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. A company that can pay this has the ability to patent the patent and protect its exclusive right to sell, so this expensive research is just as worthwhile. If it can not be sold exclusively, there is no research, no medicine. And who can have the exclusive right to what comes from nature?


In 1802, a certain chemist Bon discovered that hydrocyanic acid (which is always in the molecule with vitamin B17) is released during the distillation of bitter almond water. Very quickly, many researchers have become interested in analyzing this extract. Thus, a white crystalline substance was first isolated, which was called AMYGDALIN of the Greek name of the amygdala. The English name for almond is almond, French – mandula.
The use of “Amygdaline” dates back to 1843, although in ancient China, it can be found that a bitter almond, containing certain substances have been used to treat tumors more than 3000 years ago. B17 is in large quantities just present in the bitter almonds.
Even one Egyptian papyrus of 5,000 years ago mentions the use of “aqua amygdalorum” for the treatment of tumors on the skin.
But a systematized study of vitamin B17 has not been done since the fifties of the last century. Vitamin B17 was actually purified from “amygdalin” and in 1952, it was Ernst T. Krebs, a younger. It was called LAETRILE (Laetrile), which is an abbreviation of Levo-mandelonitrile-beta-glucuronoside and is a pharmacological name for nitrilosides (Beta cyanoforic glycosides). That it was vitamin B17 was officially accepted in 1952.


Krebs has discovered that in the B17 molecule there are two toxic elements. One is cyanide and the other is benzaldehyde. In addition, there are two units of the glycoside. All this is “locked up” in the molecule, and the cyanide and benzaldehyde (which together are even stronger poison) activated, the molecule must “unlock”.In the organism, rose nases, which are tasked to neutralize cyanide and benzaldehyde from molecules, are converted to harmless products and beta-glycosidases as releasing enzymes to “unlock” this molecule, allowing them to act poison by forming toxic hydrocyanide (HCN). In Laetrile (vitamin B17) there is no hydrocyanide itself, as the FDA initially claims, but it must be INCREASED in the body. Beta-glycosidase is responsible for making poisons.

In America, Laetril has been eliminated as a cure today That’s why thousands of cancer Americans go to Mexico to a private hospital (“Oasis of Hope”) specializing in the treatment of Laetrile cancer. Her owner, Dr. Kontreras, is one of the greatest advocates of Dr. Krebs’s theory.


Nitrilosides are found in over 800 plants.
Vitamin B17 is found in rose, flax, tropical cassava, apple seed, almond, sweet potato, salads, cherries of lemon cherries, plums, pears, peaches, nectarines and many other plants that have long been eliminated from the diet of the modern man. Almost all the roots of the Rosaceae family have B17. Fruits and seeds of fruits have other nutrients: some proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, and various minerals. However, the biggest source of vitamin B17 is apricot and tropical cassava stones.
Here’s how the vitamin B17 (Laetrile) cyanide functions.

Cancer likes sugar, and cyanide in the apricot shell is surrounded by sugar. Cancer eats sugar but it is poisoned with cyanide.

It is therefore important that people need to eat only sugar with cyanide. The introduction of any other sugar in the body during treatment should be eliminated. It means not to eat potatoes that are rich in carbohydrates that convert to sugar.

Many people take Vitamin B17 in their natural state, preventive or as a supplement to therapy.

Most commonly, people eat bitter almonds. Almond which is not bitter does not contain cyanide, which means that it does not have vitamin B17 in itself. Latrell is, however, less toxic from sugar and even 21 times less toxic than aspirin. On the other hand, all the classic drugs used in cancer therapy are extremely toxic.

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