Two women witnessed in the sky. Hello, Silvia! How did you die?

I froze to death.

How terribly said another woman!

Silvia answer that it did not badly.

After I stopped shivering from the cold, I began to be warm and fall asleep. In the end, I died peacefully. What about you?

The second woman: I died of a major heart attack. I suspected that my husband cheated, so I returned home early in order to catch him.

But, instead, I found it in the living room, he watches the television. First wife: Well, what happened?

The other woman: I was so sure that somewhere else was a woman and I started to check around the house. I ran into the attic and searched. Then I turned to the basement.

After that, I went through every room and checked all the beds. I checked until I looked everywhere! Finally, I became so exhausted that I get a heart attack and died.

First wife: It’s a pity you did not looking in the freezer. Both would be still alive

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