Sodium bicarbonate and castor, there is no stronger combination: They heal 24 illnesses like the speed of light!

This natural remedy has many positive effects on health, and its uses are unlimited. Holistic medicine often recommends castor oil to treat diseases that are generally resistant to traditional therapies.

Dr. William McGray has described in detail the success in treating various problems with castor oil:

  • Allergies disappear if you drink five drops of castor oil every morning.
    Wounds, cuts, and bruises quickly heal when they are put castor oil on them.
    Massage of stomachs with castor oil for the last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks.
    The injured joint quickly heals if you wrap it in a castor oil and leave it overnight.
    A significant reduction in hearing loss has been observed by put castor oil into the ear.
    You can cure a cataract by put one drop of oil in the eye before sleeping every night.
    The disappearance of the pilonidal cyst was observed with the use of castor oil.
    Brown spots on skin can be whitened with a mixture of castor oil and bicarbonate.
    Lower back pain can disappear by applying rubbing oil once a week.
    If you want to stop diarrhea just massage your belly with castor oil.
    Sodium bicarbonate and castor oil together can alkalize your body.
    Warts disappear after four weeks of lubrication with castor oil.

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