As the weather gets colder, cough repeats to remind us how fragile our lives are. If winter be rather dangerous, coughs are everywhere.

Cough is a way to clean the body’s respiratory system. Since coughing is usually inevitable, they serve as a messenger, which tells us that something is wrong with our body.

Sometimes cough may indicate certain infections such as bronchitis or common cold and flu. But a few days of constant coughing can make us irritate and must to be solved. The first reaction to coughing is to go to a local pharmacy and obtains reliable cough syrup. However, it turned out to be wrong, because in most cases it is just a money throw.

But,natural ingredients can help!


If you have a persistent, repetitive cough that you just can not solve, it can be a sign of a serious infection. Please visit your doctor who will be treated you if this is the case.

Natural Home Remedy 


Method of preparation:

Boil the water.While waiting, put bananas in a large pot. For optimal results, use a large wooden spoon.
Add boiling water to the bowl
Cover and let sit for half an hour
When it cools, add an organic honey and mix well.


Take 100 ml of this mix 4 times a day.Shake it a little before you eat it!

How does it work?

This mix will help you to put out every cough.

In addition, bananas promote a better sleep, because they increase serotonin levels. This makes them ideal for those struggling with an awkward night cough.


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