Peter Moore and David Zinczenko wrote the book “Eight-hour Diet — Watch the pounds disappear without watching what you eat”,  and in this book, they explained each detail of this “eight-hour-old diet” step by step. In this diet, David explains how you can eat whatever you want, but still lose weight.

But this diet has a very important rule that you must follow, you are only allowed to eat only 8 hours, and you can not eat out of that time interval.

This diet is not new at all, there were many diets recommended by this method, where you eat for a limited time interval.

So when you are on this diet, you are allowed to eat everything you want in that interval of 8 hours, but for the rest of the day, you can not consume any food, fruits, or veggies for the rest of the day. Therefore, our body concentrates more on recovery and rest, and it is not concentrated on digesting the food we consumed all the time.


We know that when we are on this diet it is allowed to eat only 8 hours a day, which is a limited interval, but when is the best interval for food and when is this diet most effective? Many people who have tried this diet recommend a period of 8 to 16, or 10 to 18, but in theory, it is best to eat foods between 9 and 17. Regardless of what period you choose, it is important to eat what you want, and deliver your body to normal amounts of calories as you would normally do.

You can set this time interval according to your daily schedule, and for example, this time interval can be in a different period every day during the week of nutrition. Initially, we should keep this diet for 3 days, and as the time passes and the body gets used to it, you can gradually increase your diet for one week (a full 7-day diet).

Here’s how this diet works:

With this diet, you give the body the ability to taste food within 8 hours, and during the rest of your day, your body focuses on the accumulation and use of nutrients from the food you consume, as well as the elimination of waste and toxins from your body properly. Mitochondria are the source of energy in every cell of the body and is stimulated through this diet. Therefore, we maximize energy production and reduce intracellular levels of damage that are mainly caused by poor nutrition. This reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and slowing down the aging process.

The authors of the book and nutrition said that in this modern society, in which almost everyone sits in front of the table for at least eight or nine hours a day, whether at work or at home, we do not give our body the time needed to burn the calories we bring in. So, through this diet, we give our body a 16-hour interval of burning all the calories we delivered with it, from the last 8 hours.

One day (example) Menu:

Early morning: tea, coffee or water.

Breakfast (10 AM): toast, eggs, fruit,  a cup of milk, muesli, tea/coffee.

Snack: A piece of cake from expanded cereals

Lunch (whenever you want): apples, french fries, homemade chips, 2 pizzas.

Snack: Fruit, ice cream, a piece of cake.

Dinner (6 p.m): broccoli(steamed), 2 boiled small potatoes, white chicken meat, ice cream.

With this freedom, everyone who wants to lose weight will be more than happy, because there are almost no restrictions, and you can feel free to eat anything. But the difficulties are in the team for 16 hours.

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