Tea do not have toxic chemicals or pesticides in it, did it? Most of us think it’s generally safe to drink tea. But that can not be far from the truth. Unfortunately, many tea companies (even organic brands) do not produce their products from natural plant.
A study published in the Toxicology Journal found that over 70% of the teas they tested contained very high lead and 20% had aluminum and other metals.
In fact, organic teas produced in China are the worst. Many teas are soaked with pesticides, heavy metal and fluoride residues. Most tea leaves spray pesticides that are not washed. The result – these toxins end in a tea cup. Many companies use older tea leaves to cut costs. The older the tea gives the higher concentration of heavy metals and fluoride.


No name
Red rose
King Cole
Lipton (two specific types, pure green tea and yellow black labeled tea, studied)
Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (the types tested include green tea and jasmine green tea)

Another popular brands with pesticides and chemicals :

  • Celestial Seasonings.
  • Teavana.
  • Tazo.
  • Trader Joe’s.
  • Twinings of London.
  • Bigelow.
  • Tea¬†Forte.

The investigation revealed that the shocking number of all tested teas contained a pesticide level that was higher than legal restrictions and multiple chemicals such as endosulfan and monocrotophos.

Natural tastes are not natural

And those “natural aromas” additives … are not so natural. It is still artificial aroma, but because it started from a natural product can say “natural”.

How to avoid toxic chemicals in tea

You do not have to stop drinking tea to be safe from harmful toxins or pesticides that can hide in your cup. After all, tea is a source of some incredible benefits to health. So what’s the solution?

Try to switch to white tea. It has the least amount of fluoride because it is made from young leaves.
Buy organic! Choose a non-GMO tea brand certificate.
Check the list of ingredients to make sure there are no added flavors or GMO ingredients that are added to tea leaves.

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