This detox drink can help you achieve your goals, is an excellent antioxidant, a really clean organism, has little calories and is a great taste.

These drinks are so healthy that you can drink them for breakfast or whenever you want, you will feel better and can help you lose weight and clean your body.

Almost all fruits have a detoxifying effect, so if you have an inspiration or food to add, you can freely change the ingredients as desired.

Coconut water is also an excellent choice or even orange juice, you can use them instead of water and your shake will be delicious and contain more nutrition.

If you use organic gourmet cucumbers you do not have to peel them and in this case, this shake will get green. If you do not have an organic cucumber, skip it.

This shake has a strong lemon flavor, so you’ll probably want it to sweeten it. If you can not find a date or you do not like it, you can use stevia.


If you are on an eliminatory diet, replace with stevia.

Time of preparation
5 min

This detox shawl can help you clean your body and lose weight. Saves in less than 5 minutes and is a great taste.


1½ cups of water (375 ml)
1 cup of dried pineapple (250 g)
1 cucumber
1 lemon
12 date palm


Mix all the ingredients in the blender and blend until the mixture becomes smooth and balanced.

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