This powerful antioxidant is essential for the dissolution of fat in the body. This incredible vitamin prevents the formation of toxic molecules.

Vitamin E is also known as vitamin eternal youth and is effectively fighting aging!

We know that this vitamin consists in many foods, but only in small quantities, so it should be consumed with the additive.

Consume it moderately because excessive consumption can cause a loss of blood, headache, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea.

Chrominated bread, cereals, green leaves, rice, coconut, avocado, soybean oil, vegetable oils and yolks are the richest sources of vitamin E!

Today, we will present you an incredible beauty mask that will leave you without words.

Here’s the RECIPE:

8 Vitamin E capsules
A little avocado
½ carrots


Mix water, carrots and avocado until you get a homogeneous paste, add Vitamin E and mix again!

Apply the mask to the skin, let it work for 20 min, then remove with a little water. You will start to feel the function of vitamins on the skin when it is done.

The combination between banana and vitamin E capsules is another powerful mask that can treat aging of the brand on the face. The preparation method is the same as the previous one!
Do not waste your time, prepare these 100% natural mask and enjoy your beauty as never before!

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