Turmeric is one of the most widespread spices around the world. It is most commonly used in the kitchen for the preparation of various dishes, but it has a lot of medicinal properties. The world’s most famous medicines, for example, Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic drugs have been used for years. It is a spice of deep yellow color and a very unique taste.

In the past, many people used it to treat a number of health problems such as liver disease, respiratory problems, skin problems, gastric problems, wounds, and cuts. It can be particularly useful for treating digestive problems, inflammation, infections, and malignant tumors.

Here’s why turmeric is very important for our wellbeing and optimal health.
Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin that is full of anti-microbiological, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that give us the best natural remedy against gastritis, microbes, gastric and peptic ulcers, as well as H. pylori.

According to numerous studies, turmeric has a very positive effect on inflammation and our DNA, as well as on survival of the cell. It can reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.You can use  200 mg of turmeric every day.
Turmeric also contains Curcuma a bioactive element that can improve our brain function, but also treat Alzheimer’s because it has the ability to repair our cerebral cortex.

How to prepare a natural antibiotic with Curcuma

You need it:
100 grams of honey (try to find organic)
1 tablespoon turmeric
Combine both ingredients in a glass bowl. Mix them well.


In the case of flu, use half a spoon of this natural antibiotic every hour. Take the same amount of antibiotics the next day, but every 2 hours. You should take the same amount of three days, three times per day. Do not swallow it immediately. Leave it slowly to melt into your mouth. You can use it in your cup of tea or milk. Enjoy.

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