So, you just got a diagnosis of cancer and it worried you. You are scared, even terrified. Or you may have discovered a circle you think is cancer. You do not know where and to whom to turn. You can not think. Your brain is almost paralyzed. Your doctor will insist that you immediately be sent to surgery or chemotherapy or radiation. Your family is also concerned and excited. Your friends give you tips, everyone tells you what to do, but you’ve ignored it. It’s just unreal. Wondering how this is happening to me.

I know exactly what to do it. And I was alone in that situation. I’m not just a doctor, but a patient. I had cancer, a difficult advanced form of cancer. It was because they sent me home to die. However, I am here to tell you that your cancer does not have to crash. I had it, but I was healed. No chemotherapy, no radiation, and no surgery. I renewed my immune system by using completely natural methods.

My surgeon was my personal friend, I’ve known him since the time we studied medicine together.

When he realized that I resolutely opposed the removal of breast, radiation, and chemotherapy, he was startled and confused and concerned about me.

Certainly, he could not understand how I came to this conclusion since I attended the same faculty as he – the University of San Francisco Medical School. He knew well that I had been a professor there for 15 years. Where did I pick up those weird ideas? I told him that I saw too many, more precisely, thousands of patients dying from the consequences of the treatment we are providing. He could not agree with that.

Then I discussed with him that radiation and chemotherapy actually cause cancer, and I reminded him that I already have cancer. Furthermore, I consider that radiation and chemotherapy destroy the immune system. Why should I further hurt my immune system, the one who helps me to heal? And he agreed with that.

And then, the Lord reminded me of something that worked in medicine 60-70 years before the discovery of intravenous fluid intake into the body. Dehydrated patients were rehydrated over the colon, which is when the water slowly drops over the anus or rectum, or the last gut.

The colon can absorb water, even the low nutritional ingredients in the form of sagging, grass, and vegetables with green leaves. he next few days I survived precisely in that way until I was able to drink again. At that moment, when I was one leg in the grave, I decided to fully trust God and give him my life completely. And He showed me what I should do. Over the next few weeks and months, I began to understand the rest of the “10 Step Plan”.

Of course, all this time I kept praying to the Lord to show me how to heal. And finally, the whole Plan became clear to me.

From the moment I began with the 100% dedication, I started to practice the “10-Step Plan” passed for 8 months, until my cancer disappeared completely.

He was gone slowly, day after day. It took me an extra 10 months to get my power back. So it’s been 18 months to completely recover and cleanse myself from cancer. I’ll be 64 years old and I’m healthier than when I was 30 years old. I have a lot of energy and there is no trace of pain in any part of the body.


  • Proper diet.

Nutrition rich in fruit, vegetables, and cereals is the best way to prevent cancer. And that diet rich in animal fats is one of the causes of cancer. Three meals a day made exclusively from healthy, unprocessed food and lots of fresh domestic vegetable juice – that’s the real thing.

Exercise and physical activity
Water forms 75% of the body and 85% of the brain. Every day we lose 10 cups of water from our bodies just because we are alive. If we do not compensate for this loss of water and drink coffee and alcohol, both are diuretics, which means that you lose more fluids from your body than you drink, we slowly but surely dehydrate and lose our liquid, and day after day our bodies have become sick. Dehydration is one of the key reasons for the emergence of all diseases, including cancer.

Sunlight brightens the development of your immune system and reduces the size of internal malignant tumors. There are other benefits.

This means the removal of all harmful substances such as coffee, alcohol, tobacco, sugar, artificial sweeteners, food preservatives, aroma enhancers, canned foods, and drugs!

Fresh air
Malignant tumors grow 2 times faster if air is inhaled from the interior of the room than when the air is air from the open space.

A break at the right time of the night
Every cancer patient should be in bed no later than 21:30. At that time, healing hormones began to be produced. But then you have to sleep deep enough to benefit from them.

Relieving stress
Stress is one of the most important causes of all diseases, including cancer. The best way to get rid of stress, as medical studies show, is to learn that you have faith in God and read the Bible. Avoid Eastern meditation and visualization if you really want to heal.

Can I heal without believing God? The answer is: “You eat and live better, you will be healthier. And if you want to reverse a serious illness like cancer, you have to radically change everything in your life. And it is impossible to do without God’s help.

Be grateful for what you have. The words that come out of your mouth shape your reality to a large extent.

The Spirit of Goodwill
We all suffer from selfishness. We need to learn to take care of other people.

Also, let’s stop looking only at ourselves. The Bible says that our health will be better when we care about others. If you’ve been so ill for a long time, and it’s been the case with me, I could not do much for them, but I could pray God for them! And of course, to stop looking only at my problems.

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