When Danny McDonald (74) from Ireland found out that he had cancer and that he would probably kill him in three months, he decided to ignore the doctors’ advice and said “no” chemotherapy.

Although he was predicted for another 3 months a life, four years later, Danny was great thanks to the daily protocol he adopted, which included the consumption of wheatgrass, the nutritious thick “superhero” with various incredible health benefits.

According to “Sunday World”, Danny became aware of his condition when one day the ulcer exploded suddenly in his stomach. After being transported to a hospital from a farm on which he lives, doctors struggled to suppress bleeding, in order to find out that Danny actually had a severe form of stomach cancer spreading throughout the body.

They warned him that the only way to get rid of cancer, in their opinion, was the passage through conventional treatment – chemotherapy and radiation.

After four years, Danny went to the hospital and discovered that he was healed by a domestic treatment involving young wheat grass.

“I told doctors that I was not prepared to undergo the course of treatment they suggested to me,” said Danny. “I knew he would kill me. They were furious that I came to this conclusion. My personal doctor warned me that I would be dead within three months. ”

Danny’s choice of using wheatgrass as a treatment for his cancer was based on a number of experiences he had heard from friends about the almost miraculous, healing properties of wheatgrass (green wheat).

“I did not know what to expect, but I was determined to go on,” recalls Danny. “Within seven days, I began to feel a lot better. I stopped taking the pills that were prescribed to me, and since then I have not taken any pill until today. A month later the pain disappeared completely and I knew that I was on the right way to recovery myself. Wheatgrass worked. I made the right decision when I refused the advice of a doctor. ”

In a short time, he returned all the weight he lost for the use of medication. He starts with only 28 grams of wheat juice per day, later it reached 200 grams of wheatgrass juice per day.

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