Lemongrass is usually used as an addition to Thai food or as a citrus supplement to a domestic household cleaner. Few people are familiar with the fact that the lime tape serves as a “potential cancer treatment”. Although this is a preliminary research, the results are truly excellent.

The study shows an extract of citrus grass kills cancerous cells.
At the University of India, researcher Kavisa Ghosh has done a study to find out that the extract of citrus grass interactively has two cell lines commonly used in cancer research: HeLa and ME-180, which are also cervical cancer cells.

The tests were encompassed using lemongrass oil and citral emulsion, compounds found in lemongrass.


It is effective against Malassezia spp and fungi like tropicalia and Aspergillus niger.


In laboratory studies, the essential oil of Lemongrass has been proven to be anti-parasite against Trypanosoma cruzi parasite.


According to a study done in rats in 2014, lemon and citral oil protected animals against norovirus.


Researchers at Algerian University have found that the essential oil of lemongrass is effective in reducing skin inflammation in mice.
Anti-anxiety: In some studies, it has been found that inhalation of lemongrass oil helps to stop the disturbing reactions to stimulation and improve recovery time.


A study in India found that a solution of 2% essential oil of the lemon tract in the form of the gel was effective in preventing further infection in patients with periodontal disease.

How to use Lemongrass?

There are 2 ways to take advantage of lemongrass: tea lemongrass and essential oil lemongrass.

Tea Lemongrass can be found in many large retailers and online. The taste looks like a lemon, but it’s less strong. It’s a delicious herbal tea that goes well with a little honey. Many people use it to improve their defense against disease and healthy digestion.

To use lemongrass to improve sleep or quiet anxiety, you can taste essential oil from the citrus grass. Use a few drops in the diffuser to inhale the aromatic power of the oil or dilute it and use it locally to destroy the bacteria.

In the study, both substances reduced cell proliferation while increasing intracellular ROS (oxidative stress) on cancer cells and induced apoptosis, known as programmed cell death.

As the authors of the study concluded, “All results indicate that lemon oil and citral emulsion can be considered potential candidates for cancer drugs.” In particular, lemongrass and its ingredients have proven to slow down or stop:

Ovarian cancer
Cervical cancer
Cancer of the liver
Sarcoma (bone / soft tissue)
Prostate cancer
Breast cancer
Skin cancer
Although these results are hoped, it is important to understand that they are obtained by using cells on animal models or laboratories. No cancer patient has undergone a trial to see if these effects are translating to the human body!

What have the proven advantages of lemongrass?

Lemongrass is known for its antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

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