Norwegian scientists have found a very significant discovery. Researchers have found that if you drink three glasses of milk per day, you have three times the risk of developing breast cancer compared to people who do not drink milk or drink a little.

The data indicate that the risk of this cancer has been raised in the last few years. Scientists believe that the reasons for this were milk products and milk.

Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, America, and Canada are the countries with the highest cancer rates in the world. These are the countries that have the highest consumption and production of milk in the whole world.

On the other hand, countries that do not have high milk consumption have a lower breast cancer rate.

Many people know that milk has some compounds and hormones that can cause cancer. Moreover, it is a greater addition of vitamin D that is put into the milk product.

Medical experts say that people who suffer from breast cancer take too much vitamin D that is synthetic.

However, a number of other causes can increase the risk of this cancer.

Some of the reasons are:

Small consumption of fish and vegetables
Poor diet
A lot of processed sugar
Many women do not know that if you wear a bra you increase the risk of breast cancer. The risk is even greater if the bra is too strong. Our proposal for you is to carry more free bras. It’s a good idea to avoid bras if possible.

The study showed that women wearing a bra for about 12 hours or more have greater chances of developing breast cancer. To be accurate, chances are 20 times higher.

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